Some members of the family has asked for information about me. And who am I? Well, first of all. I am the one who has made this homepage. It is also me who has been calling and writting to many strange people in my search for ancestors and living family members. So now you have the chance to learn more about me.

Full Name: Anita Olmütz Hansen ( At first my mother wanted me to be named Anisette).

Day of birth: Sunday morning at half past seven on the 16 th of March 1975.

Place of Birth: The hospital in Nakskov

Badtized: In Aunede Church

School: Started at Preschool class in Halsted when I was 6 years old. And went to school from 1st to 10th grade at Halsted-Aunede Central School. You can visit the school here. I actually stopped going to that school when I had finished 9ht grade, but after a short period at the Technical School in Nakskov, I came back and finished the 10th grade.

Then I went to 3 different courses for people without work. And when I was 18 years old I started on a Higher Preparatory Examination for adults in Nakskov. I was going to get my final exams after 3 year but stopped 3 month before the exams.

My Look: From nature I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. Now it is shoulder-long and with light stripes in it. I am 173 cm tall and my weight is only 45 kg. I wear eyeglasses, can only see on short distances.

Family: My mother and father and 2 sisters and a brother. I am single.

Recidence: I am still living at my parents home in Ullerslev

Pets: I have around 24 birds in an indoor aviary. On my computerroom I have a an Amazon-parrot, called Skipper. Then I have a dog called Laban. Together with the family I have 3 cats (2 boys and a girl) .

Interests: Foreign Culture, Psychology, Genealogy, Computer, Birds, Books by Agatha Christie, listening to music.

What I do for a living: Absolutely nothing (at the moment)

Me as a person: A bit shy but curious. I like to play house-wife and tell other people what to do. I am mostly happy, but not when I get up which is normally around 2 o´clock in the afternoon. (I go to bed at 3 o´clock in the morning). I am very good at remembering if people has been treating me bad. I am sceptical. I love meeting new people and experience things, but at the same time at like to keep everything at it used to be. I am very open-minded and I like people with a different culture. I am a country girl who hates cities and other places with many people and lack of nature.

My Life: I had a great childhood. My mother was always at home and I had a lot of friends I could play with after school. Even though I had a save life, I was a nervous child. Constantly afraid of war,troubles and that my parents should die. I hardly spoke at school for the first 3 years, but as I reach the 7th grade I changed. I didn´t go much to school or did my homework. I was paying no attention during the lectures and I spent most at my time at the principals office. I drank, smoke and went to town and came home late at night I argued a lot with my mother and I once ran away from home, but came back..

I changed when my cousin left town in 9th grade, and I became a nice young girl instead.

When I was 18 years old I got a flat together with my cousin in Nakskov, but I hated the place, and the friendship betwwen my cousin and I was going in the wrong direction. At the same time I started having problems in breathing. In June 1993 I had a bad experience of difficult breathing and I left the flat and moved back to my parents. The following month I went through a real depression. I was lucky enough to get through it and started in school the following August. I went to school for almost 3 years. During these years I had to stay home often because of my breathing problems which were came more often and left me in panic. 3 month before I had to take the final exams I collapsed. My breathing problems had driven me to a point where I was so afraid of being unable to breath, that the only place I felt save was at home. I suddently paniced if I had to leave the house and after two month I was not able to go outside the door.

The following years has been a trial for me. I have been fighting with the Danish System to go help to pay a psychologist. But it has not all been bad. I have taken some computer-courses which I was able to take from my home, and I finally bought my own computer and has spent the time looking at the world through the Internet. It is also during these years I have come to love birds and found a way of making my life worth living. And not to forget, my interest in my family history.

Now I am getting older and I have finally got the help I was asking for. I have been to Nakskov two times now. A big step for me.

What the future will bring, I don´t know, but I hope I will be able to finish school and find a job. Maybe get my own family. What I really would like to do, is to meet all the newly found family members, so if you ever comes near Nakskov or plan to, please visit me.

Do you know me better now? If not, come and visit me. Finally I will show you some pictures of my animals.

My dog Laban Our cat Sofus

Jago a red RosellaParakeet Jasmin, a blue Rosella Klaus and Karoline two grey parakeets.