Family History

My family could have been a very fine family today, according to the stories which has been told through generations. My great-grandmother Petrine wrote in her biography; "My ancestor Johan was a noble man, but he married his maid and had to give up his title/name. He was allowed to take name from one of his castles".

If that really is true is something I have not been able to find out. My family has tried to find out where our name Olmütz comes from.

Did it come from a castle? Or did we get it from a German village or the Czech town Olomouc?

I have hear about a castle in Austria whcich should be called Olmütz and a famous Marquis should have been a prisoner there.

An another link which may be possible is to an painter named Wenzel von Olmütz.

The name Olmütz is from my mothers side. My mothers cousin, Frank Olmütz Nielsen made this family-tree. and I have added more to it.

If anyone knows anything about a castle or German village called Olmütz/Olmouc, Please, mail me. I would also like to hear from anyone who knows people with the name Olmütz/Olomouc.

I have found some familymembers in America and also some in Denmark. They have all given me wonderful information about the family, and I am very greatful for it.

I still need a lot of information, and as you can see if you look at the tree, there is still many more to be found. Do you know any of these missing members or are you one of them, please contact me.

As I wrote before, my great-grandmother wrote about her life. This story can you read here.