Family Album

Now it is possible to see the family. I have contacted family members and asked them to help me making this album and this is what I have got so far. So to all the rest of the family. Do you have some pictures you want to share with the rest of the family? Please, let me know. You can contact me by email or send them to me at this address:

Anita Olmütz Hansen

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All pictures sent by regular mail will be returned if you remember to give me your address.

From Family Thomsen in Kerteminde I have received these great family pictures.

This is Mette Maria Olmütz. She was born in 1892 and died in 1993. She was married to Lorentz Peter Thomsen. He was born in 1885 and died in 1937.

In around 1922 Mette Maria and Lorentz built this house on the mainstreet (Hovedgaden) in Tinglev.Mette Maria lived there untill April 1975.

At this picture you can see Lorentz and Mette Maria with their six children. In front you see Hans and Christian. Lorentz is sitting with Marie. In the middle Christiane sitting with Werner and Mette Maria sitting with Alfred. This picture was taken in 1933.

Lorentz and Mette Maria in 1942

This picture from 1957 shows from the left Bodil Marie, Mette Maria. No. 3 is not a family member and finally Christine Petra. TBodil, Marie and Christine are sisters.

From left Mette Maria, then her oldest son Hans Christian, then Mathilde Jørgine and her husband. Then Bodil Marie´s husband and Bodil Marie and finilly Christine Petra.

This picture of Mette Maria is taken on her 7o year birthday in 1962.

From Family Zierau, I have received these great pictures.

Petrine Hansigne Lovise Olmütz Knudsen. She was called Lovise. This is from when she was young.

Knud Christian Knudsen. Lovise´s brother. He is mentioned in her life-story as the brother who got killed by a streetcar.

This is Iris Olmütz Christiansen. The picture is from 1989.

The rest of the pictures from family Zierau are of living members of the family.


Ingrid Holsting, married to Bent Zierau.

Bo Olmütz Zierau. Ingrid and Bent´s oldest son.

Eld Maj-Britt Olmütz Zierau. Ingrid and Bent´s daughter.

Jon Olmütz Zierau Holsting. Eld´s twinbrother.

Gry Olmütz Zierau. Ingrid and Bent´s youngest daughter.

Freja Cecilie Kæstel Zierau. Eld´s daughter

Malte Emil Kæstel Zierau. Eld´s son.

From My own Family I have found these pictures

From left a unknown person. To the right is Petrine Hansigne Lovise Olmütz Knudsen. The child is Lisa Holsting.

Anohter picture of Petrine Hansigne Lovis Olmütz. Knudsen, and she is my great-grandmother.

Marie Lilly Olmütz Christiansen. From when she was young. She is my grandmother.

Then Marie Lilly Olmütz Christiansen married Carl Alfred Poul Larsen. This is their wedding-picture.

And Then they got their first child, Johnna Olmütz Larsen, who is my mother.

Another picture of Johnna Olmütz Larsen. A bit older then.

This is Marie Olmütz Larsen with her two children. From left Eyvind Olmütz Larsen and Johnna Olmütz Larsen.

This is the house Marie and Carl moved to when the children were younger. They lived there until Marie died in 1975.

This is from Oehlenslager-school in Copenhagen. No. 2 from right is Johnna Olmütz Larsen

. This is a picture of Ingrid Olmütz Holsting and Johnna Olmütz Hansen. The picture was taken at Ruth Olmütz Gunst place.

This is a picture of Eyvind Olmütz Larsen and his wife Marianne. Eyvind is my uncle.

This is Marie Lilly Olmütz Christiansen and her husband Carl Alfred Poul Larsen.

Johnna Olmütz Larsen married Bent Willy Hansen.

This is Mona oOmütz Hansen when she was a baby.

Joern Olmütz Hansen when he was a baby.

Joern Olmütz Hansen and Mona Olmütz Hansen.

This is Johnna Olmütz Larsen with Anita Olmütz Hansen.

This is from left Joern Olmütz Hansen, Anita Olmütz Hansen, Mona Olmütz Hansen sitting with the baby Lena Olmütz Hansen.

This is Anita Olmütz Hansen in around 1982.

This is Anita Olmütz Hansen when she was 14 years old (1989)

This is Anita Olmütz Hansen in year 2000.

This is Lena Olmütz Hansen. From 1990.

Lena Olmütz Hansen. 1998.

Lena Olmütz Hansen. Taken in Singapore 8 dec. 2000

This is Bent Willy Hansen and Johnna Olmütz Larsen with their grandson Jonas Bo Nielsen.

Johnna and Bent´s oldest daughter Mona Olmütz Hansen married Benny Bo Nielsen.

This is Mona Olmütz Hansen with her first child, Randi Stine Nielsen.

Around 3 years later, Randi got a sister. This is Malene Kristine Nielsen when she was baptized. The woman is her Godmother, Heidi.

Here is Randi Stine Nielsen. At that time she is around 8 years old.

This is also Randi Stine Nielsen. The picture was taken in year 2000.

Malen Kristine Nielsen in April 1989.

And Malene Kristine Nielsen in 1994. She was 7 years old.

Then they got a brother. From left, Malen Kristine Nielsen, carrying Jonas Bo Nielsen and to the right, Randi Stine Nielsen. Jonas is my Godson.

This is Jonas Bo Nielsen when he almost was 1 year old.

And this is also Jonad Bo Nielsen, but at that time he is around 5 years old.

And this is the hole family Nielsen. It is taken at Mona and Benny´s 12 ½ years of marriage. From Left Benny Bo Nielsen, Mona Olmütz Hansen. Malene Kristine Nielsen, Jonas Bo Nielsen and Randi Stine Nielsen and their dog Sigurd.

This is Joern Olmütz Hansen, with his wife Cathie Jensen and their newborn daughter Diana Arps Olmütz Hansen

Diana Arps Olmütz Hansen


From Jens Olmütz Holsting I have received this picture

Jens Olmütz Holsting

From Doris Olmütz Larsen I have received these pictures

This is Petrine Hansigne Lovise Olmütz with her children Ruth, Iris and Marie, and their children.

This is Carl Alfred Poul Larsen with Marie Lilly Olmütz Larsen and their children from left, Doris, Eyvind and Johnna.

And this is Doris Olmütz Larsen

This is René Olmütz when he was younger

This is Jimi Olmütz when he was younger

And Grith Olmütz, also when she was younger.

From Ralph and Jan Olmütz in Florida I have received this picture:

This is Ralph´s Greatgrandmother Bodel Marie Dahl and his Greatgrandfather Christopher Olmütz, with their child John Christopher Olmütz. In 1906 Christopher and Bodel applied for a passport so they could visit Denmark. You can see their application here.

From Alfred Thomsen I have received these great family pictures

It is not easy to see, but it is Christiane Margrethe Kock in front of her house in Over Leerte. The house does not exist anymore.

This is Christiane Margrethe Kock with her daughter Mathilde Joergine Olmütz. Also in front of the now not existing house in Over Leerte.

Christiane Margrethe Kock

This is by the "telegraph" during Worl War 1. The man on the left is Lorentz Peter Thomsen.

This is Mette Maria Olmütz when she was confirmed.

From left an unknown lady, then Werner Thomsen, Christiane Marie Thomsen, Marie Louise Thomsen, Alfred Thomsen and Mette Maria Olmütz.

From left in front: Marie Louise Thomsen, Alfred Thomsen, Christiane Marie Thomsen, Hans Christian Thomsen, Chirstian Peter Thomsen and Werner Thomsen.

From Lois Shoupe in Reno I have received these pictures:

Johan Diderich Freese and his wife Anna Marie Hansen in front of their house in Denmark. Photo taken in 1905.

In the back from left: An unknown girl, then Jacob and Frederick. Parents are Johan Diderich Freese and Anna Marie Hansen. Sitting on mothers lap is Juliane Margrethe and the last girl is Anna Marie. The boy standing next to his father is Mathias.

This is Jacob Hanson Frese

This is from the Dania club in California, America. At the picture you should be able to find Jacob, Frederick and Mathias.