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I want to describe the year in a farmers life. I know there are many different ways of being a farmer, also in Denmark. Some farmers career is animal husbandry, other has got forestry as their career, and some has agriculture as their career. I have chosen a farmer with agriculture.



January is a very cold and dark month for every one. The weather is usually grey and rain-ful, and people do not have any money, they have spend it on christmaspresents. It is the time of the year where people rather would stay inside.

February is just as January, but in this month people have something to look foward to...the spring.

A farmer is rather lucky. There is not much to do outside, so he can stay inside, but there are also things to do inside.

All the machinery which has been used during the year needs a overhaul, and now it is the perfect time for doing that.

The farmer do not spend all day in the barn. He do also have to make plans for the new year. What kind of crops and how much he has to buy. In which fields the different kind of crops shall be placed.

Spring-time is the best time, specially if the weather is fine. March is my favourite month, maybe because I am borned in that month, but also because it gets warmer outside and everything starts to grow. Birds are coming back to make new families and their songs are so beautiful.



It is also in this month where the year really starts for a farmer. The machinery ought to be ready for one more year, so they can start working in the fields.

First of all the farmer has to spread firtilizer on the fields. The firtilizer is supposed to lie in the soil, ready to help the crops.



Now it is time to get in action: The farmer has to plow and harrow the fields. Then the farmer starts sowing sugar beets, barley, oats and rye.



It is not always fun being a farmer. Sometimes there are dull things to do, as in May where the farmer has to remove a lot of stones which are on the fields. The farmer has to do it, because the stone can caurse great damages to the machines when it is harvest-time. A small stone can set a corn-field on fire when the farmer starts using the combine. That is why it is so important to remove all the stones.

According to the calendar it is now summer. Unfortunately we have not got much sun in Denmark during the last couple of years.

We are going into a month which is very busy month for young people. The examinations are taking most of their time, but later the summer-holiday will be there.



It is time to spray the beets and grains to avoid diseases and weeds.

In the beet-fields they have to remove the weeds in another  way. They remove it with a hoe. Once it was girls from Poland who did it, later it was children, but now it is the farmer and his men who does it. They walk around in the beet fileds all day long with their hoes. Some farmers has a machine to help them, but it is not many of them.



This is  a good time of the year. It is time to harvest the grains. That is where they use the combines. Take a look at this fine machine.

Autumn is here and it is now not so hot and it gets dark early.



The harvest is over  and it is time to plow the corn-fields and sow wheat.



Now the farmer has to pick up the sugar beets and lay them in big clamps.Tractors bring the sugar beets to the sugar mill



The farmer still brings sugar beets to the sugar mill. It is getting cold and the fieldsare getting hard, but it is also time to plow the beet- fields.